About Us

In the Community.... A part of the Community

Locally owned and operated we strive be a part of this community we call home.

Voted #1 Best in North County 2023 -  Wine Bar & Wine Selection!

The Journey

Wine is a journey, a story and we love being a part of your journey. Here at LCWC, we believe that everyone should have access to good wine, regardless of experience or budget. Our team is made up of a passionate group of wine drinkers who feel that discovering and drinking good wine should be both easy and compelling, without any sense of intimidation or pretension. Above all, drinking good wine should be inspiring and fun!

Drink Good Wine. 

So what exactly is good wine? To us, good wine starts in the vineyard, thoughtfully grown, made and bottled, it should reflect the place from which it comes, and tastes downright delicious.  We love working with producers who use minimal intervention and allow the grapes and the region to speak for themselves. Simply put, less is usually more!