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Food & Wine

Food & Wine, as simple and well accepted of a concept as hot air rises. Yet, like the great hot air balloon explorers of yesteryear can attest…perils abound when a plan of attack isn’t drawn up in advance. There should be little doubt that, when matched correctly, the experience of the wine becoming one with a dish is nothing short of transcendent. If you are sitting here grousing the idea then I implore you to seek out the experience by carefully pairing a dish you already love with a wine we suggest. It just might change your life…it certainly changed mine and brought me from a very different path to the one I stand in before you. A lifelong love affair with cooking began shortly after I could walk, but little did I know that passion for creativity in the kitchen would lead me to wine. After my best friend returned from a year abroad in Florence he wasted no time hooking me on the vine and the confluence of his newfound excitement with wine and my handiwork in the kitchen would forever change my life. If nothing else, I hope we can help you find that wine epiphany where it all comes together in one cascading wave of pleasure. And for those of you that already know the feeling, I hope we can keep the good time rolling.

Many items on our site will give suggestions for pairings that we hope you give a shot and always please feel welcome to reach out to us for any questions on pairing up wines or even to share an awesome pairing you just experienced.

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