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Food & Wine

Part of what I love about wine is that pairing it with food is more art than science.  You can have the perfectly seared juicy steak that is undeniable mouth watering on it's own but if you pour a deep dark Cabernet and take a sip and then go back to that steak - Something Magic just happens.  The sum of the parts far exceeds all expectations.  In our appreciation and search for that magic we have partnered with Chef Erin Sealy of Wine Pairs Events to do a monthly Wine Pairing dinner.  We meet with Erin and taste together and hand select 5 wines each month to share and Erin works the most amazing magic to make the meal and the wine the best they can be.  Watch our news letters or visit our events page or Chef Erin's page link below to see what and when our next dinner will be 



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